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Outplacement is professional assistance for people to change jobs. All candidates will have their own dedicated job coach who follows candidates from exit and until he or she is in a new interesting position. 


The process is a mixture of training/counseling and coaching. Training and consultancy in own marketing techniques. Development of resumé, cover letter and networking. How to use the Internet and electronic forms in self-promotion. 


Coaching techniques are used for raising awareness of the candidates qualifications and pleasurable expertise. Furthermore, coaching is a good way to support and motivate the candidate through a challenging time.

We recommend to start the coaching proses with a financial guidance

After the financial guidance, candidates are invited to a meeting with one of Tredjepart change specialists.

Tredjepart provide outplacement programs both for groups and inviduals.

Leadership Training 

Tredjepart have developed a workshop especially for leaders and other managers.


The workshop «Managing Change» is an efficient way to exercise leaders and managers for challenging situations. 


After the workshop each manager is invited to a coaching session with one of Tredjepart's designated management coaches. In this session it is important to establish individual goals and improvement areas. 


Please contact us for further information and possibilities.

Phone          +47 21 42 41 41
Petter Hoff
Partner / Head of outplacement
Mobile    +47 90 62 35 06
Halvor Grydeland
Assosciated partner 
Mobile    +47 95 72 75 75
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