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To decide at which level you shall start drawing your pension and when to do it, is one of the last and most important financial decisions you will ever make.


The impact on your financial situation after retirement, depends upon a thorough analysis, so that your finances can meet your needs and goals as a senior citizen as optimal as possible.


Some factors that influence your choice:

How early is it possible to activate my pension?
Do I qualify for AFP?
Paid up policies and capital certificates from previous employment – options

Consequences by early retirement

How can I influence my pension the last years of my career?
What about worsening health?
What happens if I retire before my retirement age?
Pension from 60, 62 or later? 
What will my net pension be?
What is the optimal solution for me?
How do I apply for my pension?

There are numerous options - and especially for those who have had a long career with several employers and perhaps worked both in the private and/or public sector and even in different industries. We consider it an advantage to have both flexibility and options to make choices.


However, you yourself have to make the decisions. Do you have total overview with regards of rights, possibilities, what to avoid and last but not least - what your pension will amount to after tax? 
Tredjepart can assist you in all those questions. 

We are unbiased, independent specialists. Our advisors have a long and extensive experience within pension, finance and taxes. We can assist you to achieve total overview of rights, options and calculate your exact net pension, given your preferred choices.

Phone          +47 21 42 41 41
Kristian Jacobsen
Partner / Head of pension & finance
Mobile    +47 99 53 03 30
Günther Bache
Associated partner 
Mobile    +47 93 01 81 37
Bjørn-Erik Bjørnstad
Associated partner
Mobile    +47 91 30 36 01
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